UGE began our partnership with the Clean Tech Trade Alliance in early 2012. The matchmaking and networking efforts put forth by CTTA have brought UGE to the table with clients who are targeted specifically to our niche in the distributed renewable energy market. Once introductions are made, CTTA has strong follow through that ensures that the introduction has taken hold and the relationships are being developed. If ever we are stuck, they help us re-ignite the conversation. We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with the Clean Tech Trade Alliance, and look forward to continuing to increase our market share together.

IHS specializes in sustainable technologies for human security, and we have a particular interest in the National Vision for Qatar 2030 section on attaining food security.  We work closely with the Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA, a US 501c6) and we have current efforts underway with:
  1. Aquaponics and permaculture farms in Ghana and Mexico, 
  2. Small-scale desalination plants in Mexico,
  3. Multi-modal water reclamation efforts from contamination due to both agricultural runoff and human waste, 
  4. Environmental sensors for feedback loops to Monitoring and Operations Centers.