CTTA’s goal is to develop long term, fruitful partnerships between CTTA members and CTTA customers acting as the connecting/bridging agent. The CTTA membership evaluation process is the principle value to CTTA customers, and begins with an identified need and continues through the Intake process. At every step the potential member company is evaluated for product/service viability, market viability, solution approach, commercial viability, business practices, business organization, customer development, communication, integrity, commitment, customer service, attitude, decision making and the ability to complete projects successfully. Being a CTTA member means you are the best, part of the top 10% of businesses.

CTTA’s success and that of its members is linked, as are the best partnerships. All parties must be committed in the pursuit of providing quality, efficient, clean solutions to customers, across the board, who need them, will pay for them and will adopt them.

The CTTA Guarantee

CTTA is so sure that our screening process will provide us with members that are a good match for our customers we guarantee that we will not charge a member to renew if we have not brought them business and we will continue to work for them until there is a continuing ROI.

Some Basic Definitions

Members: These are businesses that provide clean, efficient (and often beautiful) solutions as either products or the delivery of services. Member dues are the primary funding source for CTTA.
Customers: Businesses, organizations and individuals seeking clean, efficient solutions to their needs. Members can be, and often are, customers.

The CTTA Membership Process

All CTTA candidates go through an in-depth evaluation and validation process prior to invitation to membership and membership is by invitation only.