Member List

Working with many individuals from a broad spectrum of markets provides CTTA with a unique perspective to identify potential synergies.  For CTTA, synergy is all about the connections we make for our members and customers – connections that are profitable and sustainable.  This can mean identifying and facilitating potential partnerships between member companies to create new profit streams, new markets, new technologies and new efficiencies. It can also mean putting together an overview plan with a variety of components to address environmental concerns such as desertification, or water and food security.

At the heart of CTTA is the matchmaking and networking that brings members to the table with customers who are targeted specifically to their niche.  Once introductions are made, CTTA has strong follow through that ensures the introduction has taken hold and the relationships are being developed.

3R Technology
Our modern version of the three ‘R’s - “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” - appear in the order they do for a reason. That reason is too often lost in the promotions for recycling, but it is not lost at 3R Technology. 3R (three ‘R’s - get it?) knows that recycling is the last resort in use management, not the first option - as waste management companies would have us believe. 3R finds ways to reduce our consumption of technology equipment through the creative use of technology, even while their primary focus is on reuse to redistribute technology to those looking for inexpensive - or even free - access to our digitally connected world and extending the lives of both equipment and communities. 3R Technology is not just about finding a way to dispose of your unwanted electronics, they are using a technological approach to contribute to our social capital. 3R takes the three ‘R’s seriously, as seriously as their triple bottom line.

Airstream Innovations
Airstream Innovations, a subsidiary of Airstream Intelligence, is really into growing stuff. They grow ideas, business, and produce all through their unique air-controlled greenhouses. AI are farmers for the 21st Century - running a small farm using their own technology and greenhouses. This little 1.5 acres farm will soon grow into five acres as AI gains capacity and land. AI combines physics and spirit to bring growth to organic farmers, aqua culturists, free-range chicken ranchers, and anyone who needs pest-protection for their tender charges. AI greenhouses are actively contributing to our full-flavor, lively experience of food.

American Green LIghts
Waste reduction, sustainability, and efficiency just got easier in American cities, thanks to American Green Lighting! AGL jumped at the chance to help municipalities upgrade lighting environments for their citizens and workers, a task that was costing far too much in time, testing, failures and frustration for all concerned. AGL takes time with each client to assess the best technology solution for each project - they're technology agnostics! By doing what they do best - seek, review, test, and evaluate emerging lighting technologies - clients enjoy confidence and relief when the lights go on. Now AGL are offering their expertise to other organizations who value "enlightenment" that is sustainable, efficient, and effective - such as universities (which really are their own kind of cities). By remaining focused on bringing green lighting technologies that are the products of green processes, AGL lightens the burden of effective implementation and spotlights the good work being done all around us.

Aqueonics, Inc.
At Aqueonics quality is defined as providing you with the service, and a finished product that we would want to live with ourselves.  Health and Safety is at the forefront of thought and design, to create a product that will provide an efficient and safe work environment for the operator.  Aesthetics and environmental acumen is also included as of topmost importance in giving back to the community, and to the environment a product that will ensure the perpetual beauty and protection of our fragile ecology. 
The resources and technical talent of Aqueonics, Inc. together offer public and private clients state-of-the-art wastewater treatment and water reuse systems for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and governmental development projects worldwide.

Not many companies have theme songs, but the folks at Arraycon seem to be humming "What Goes Around Comes Around." Appropriate, really. A song originally penned by Ringo Starr, and made famous by everybody else, informs the work of a company founded in 1999 by a building contractor who installed solar on his own home by activating "the hippy contingent." While overtly becoming one of the best known and most respected installers of solar arrays, Arraycon is also subtley changing the standards that have hindered realizing the full benefits of solar energy. Their awareness and respect for a "virtuous circle" has driven them to reduce the use of cement - a contributor to CO2 emissions - and choosing recycled materials whenever possible. They have built their experience with driven-pile foundation's, electrical and mechanical installations, and construction management of large-scale solar farms on a foundation composed of circles of relationships and consequence.

Blu Homes
Maura McCarthy and Bill Haney co-founded Blu Homes in 2008 to reduce the carbon footprint of American homes and to make home buying more fun and convenient. Blu Homes works to save you time on being “green.” They make sure that their products are healthy for you, your family and the natural world. Blu Homes are designed and precision-built by factory craftsmen in weather-controlled conditions, contain Energy Star appliances, a “cradle-to-cradle” awareness. Whether you are an “empty-nester,” “happening hipster,” or “rising star” Blu Homes provides beautiful, efficient, green homes from recycled materials and cutting edge technology that integrate manufacturing, repurposing, recycling, and zero landfill status. Maura and her team enjoy working with - and even hanging out with - their cool clients who contribute to their triple bottom line.

Charter Construction
Frank Firmani started in 1983 with a shop full of tools, $700 and a commitment to craftsmanship and longevity. Today, Charter Construction offers guarantees in a world where those are as rare and priceless as clear, wild streams. They’ve successfully mixed friends and business, with half of their friends also being their customers and most new customers finding them through word of mouth. Charter knows that relationships are the foundation of longevity, so they care for their employees, customers, vendors, resources, and wastes. They are LEED certified, offer both construction and repair services, and have very low turnover - so you know you can depend on them to take care of you, your project, and your environment for the long term.

Classic Woodworking LLC
It could be confusing. Beautifully crafted wood cabinets surrounding benches and chairs; you may think you’re in a boardroom. But then people start taking off their clothes! Hold on - you’re actually in one of the most elite locker rooms created by Classic Woodworking, envied by many for it’s opulent beauty. But wait - what’s this? It’s also LEED certified? With post-market materials and AutoCAD design? That’s good business! The green practices of Classic Woodworking are gaining more and more attention in boardrooms around the world. But be careful - boardrooms are probably not ready for the practices of locker rooms, even if they are gorgeous and good.

Dinoflex is in the karma business. They have embraced the icon of American decay - the abandoned tire - and have used it to supply a life-cycle of exponential returns. Dinoflex tiles are composed of 90-100% recycled rubber tires; some are 80% internally recycled! Yes, that means that in the distant future, when a tile finally wears out after being moved, switched, and flipped multiple times, Dinoflex customers return them for reincarnation. Along with an awesome manufacturing process, Dinoflex attends to the future returns of creating a healthy atmosphere (both physically and personally), choosing quality and strength over cheap and fast, and constantly revisiting how waste can be reduced.  They believe “change begins with choice” and show it through choosing to work for some of the most prestigious certifications in corporate responsibility to the planet, including sourcing most of their materials within 500 miles of processing. Yep - Dinoflex’s karma has definitely run over the dogma of “business as usual.”

Eclipsall Energy
Eclipsall builds one solar panel every 90 seconds. Impressive? Indeed, but that’s not all. These solar panels are the result of a long commitment to quality, elegant design, and mindful awareness of diversity and environments. Eclipsall activated collaborative relationships with European engineers and process consultation to develop cellular level sensors and metering to provide information and location of pending failure in the system before an interruption can happen. They recognized that some materials worked in some but not other environments; heat and cold affects performance and efficiency and design needs to reflect incorporate these variables per installation. Today, Eclipsall continues to refine, innovate, and elevate solar technology to total solutions that are elegant in their efficiency and economy.

Eco-Tec, Inc.
Think of a company with a one-word mission statement. Need more time? Well, maybe Eco-Tec could help. They don’t have a stated mission, but it could be “Clarity.” Eco-Tec’s environmentally-informed solutions for water treatment, chemical recovery and purification, and gas processing all share the property of clarifying what is murky, unhealthy, and costly. Clarity is also present when they are engaged with their customers throughout selection, installation, and implementation. How can they provide such clarity in product and service? Eco-Tec values innovation and growth through wise investment in their passionate and skilled people. By being clear on exactly what it takes to succeed in business, technology, and sustainable ecosystems, Eco-Tec finds it very simple to invest in health, education, and support for their employees, customers, and neighbors near and global. Clarity - nothing more, nothing less.

Forest Concepts, LLC
A lot of people talk about making the world a better place - and have great ideas for doing just that - but Dr. Jim Dooley and his cast of curious collaborators actually are making our world a better place. With inspiration from water and fire, Forest Concepts was born to bring us health, wealth, and beauty.  They started with the mission to make it easier to do salmon habitat restoration in urban and suburban areas of the Pacific Northwest and quickly realized their solution would also apply to wildland restoration for highly effective erosion control materials that could be used in - among other places - areas decimated by wildfire. Lately, the Forest Concepts team have accepted the challenge of baling urban and suburban arborist prunings so they could be handled just like other urban recyclables, with possible use for biomass fuel. Every development has included consideration for the health of the systems, the triple bottom line wealth to be realized, and the beauty of quiet, verdant, natural habitats for all of us.

Geoflex Systems, Inc.
Geoflex is a North American manufacturer of Geothermal Heat Pumps, Dehumidification, Chiller and Specialty, Vertical Stack Heat Pumps and PTAC Heat Pumps and other Heating, Cooling Systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Applications. Geoflex management have been proudly manufacturing a wide variety of heating cooling equipment for well over 20 years and have developed the products and credibility track record to offer unsurpassed advice and equipment to quality minded dealers, installers, engineers, architects.

Homasote Company
Steeped in a history rich in creativity, exploration, and innovation, Homasote exemplifies what organizations can achieve over time with agility and responsibility. This company is the “greenprint” for what sustainable business does in and for our world. Still, I will always remember the Lipizzans. Yes, before the first cars and trains, the Arctic exploration, or the world-class closed-loop water recycling in their manufacturing I will remember Homasote for Lipizzans. I was entranced by them as a child - fantasy white horses dancing ON HOMASOTE PANELS! 100% recycled content Homasote panels used for temporary structures in wars, sound barriers in LEED buildings, and decks to cover ice rinks were the choice as a dance floor for royal horses. Really - if these panels could support tons of dancing horses in echoey arenas without deafening us all, wouldn’t they be awesome sound barriers and supports for little humans in high heels? 

Inland Technology, Inc.
Portent foreshadowing in 1986 marked the beginning of Inland Technology with an ending. Two partners owned a chemical company that made every kind of chemical, from drain cleaner to paint stripper to solvents to carpet soap. One of the partners decided to retire and sell out to his partner, Jim, who was awed by his sudden weight of responsibility. Decades before the “green” movement, Jim chose to sell off all of the toxics and make the commitment to look to our future through the pursuit of  non-hazardous chemistries. Shockwaves from such a sell-off by a significant player in the chemical industry attracted the attention of Joe Lucas, a salesman from a competitive chemical company who chose to  stop by to talk to Jim about this radical move. After discovering they shared the same vision, Jim hired Joe to be his new partner. Awareness of how endings define beginnings and bold courage to pursue “cradle to cradle” business practice has since attracted the attention of additional talent and opportunities for people who are suffering from our increasingly toxic environment. Inland Tech offers all of us the solutions that add to our lives, not just their bottom line.

Iveda Solutions, Inc.
Iveda Solutions is an established and innovative company, delivering secure, open source and enterprise class managed video services by leveraging the power of cloud computing.  Iveda Solutions is most passionate about espousing cloud-based video surveillance services that secure businesses and communities. We simplify customer experience, while reducing capital expenditure. 

Juhl Energy
"Wind farm" is common parlance and almost always a misnomer - turbines don't "grow" wind and they are often mere tenants on the land. However, Juhl Energy is changing that. Founded by Dan and Mary Juhl - who met in their rock band, Renegade - Juhl Energy has defined and established the community-based wind power model in partnership with local farmers who share ownership of the energy being harvested on their farms. As dependable and steady as the wind on Buffalo Ridge, Juhl Energy continues to grow the power of wind, sun, family, rural roots, and decades-long relationships for the benefit of individuals and communities.

Monarch Green, Inc.
Steve Cox has a great job title: Creator. He gained this title after he got curious about how the shavings from the surfboards he was shaping could absorb so much oil around the shop. After some research and requisite failures, Steve and his co-founders at Monarch Green, Inc. created an absorbent powder based on the material in those shavings and offered it to help clean-up the worst oil spill in history. The success of that first product, Spillinex, brought attention and resources to keep Steve busy creating more great stuff that cleans our environment, is non-toxic, re-purposes waste, and reduces the need for precious paper and fiber resources. With the awareness of systems-thinking, Monarch Green only sources within the USA to reduce their carbon footprint, re-purposes 15,000-20,000 lbs. of surfboard dust per month that would otherwise go to landfills, is simple to use and re-use, and doesn't stink. In these ways, Steve and Monarch Green give back to the community of surfers that continue to inspire and support them. They also pay forward to generations who need healthy, beautiful oceans to support and inspire them to be creators, too.

Reklaim, Inc.
In 2003, ReKlaim's founders recognized that the ever-growing supply of scrap tires presents serious environmental and public health challenges. Five years later, they opened their first tire recycling plant in Boardman, OR. This plant recovers the chemical constituents of scrap tires and recycles them into commercially valuable products to benefit both economic and environmental sustainability. ReKlaim is committed to the vision of serving customers and our environment in ways that leverage new and developing technology that offers options for managing scrap tires and their by-products. This Pacific Northwest Company is producing attractive, economic returns for businesses and substantial environmental and human health benefits.

The ReWall Company, LLC
The ReWall Company, LLC uses a proven European technology to recycle polyethylene-coated cups, cartons, and their components into building materials. The first U.S. ReWall products are manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa, and distributed nationally. Almost all of our inputs are sourced within 500 miles of our production facility. 
They help recycle some of the 2 million tons of polyethylene-coated cartons and cups that enter landfills every year. Those products were first recycled in Europe through a process that has a smaller carbon footprint and is more efficient than alternative processes that require stripping away the plastic, removing the ink and salvaging the remaining paper. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and does not use added glue, water or chemicals. ReWall is 100% recycled.

Ridolfi, Inc.
At Ridolfi Inc., we provide scientific and engineering consulting services that focus on improving environmental conditions.  Our strength is the experience and dedication of our talented staff who thrive on finding creative solutions to challenging problems.  We apply sustainability principles to our business, our projects, and our community to maximize the positive impact of our work.  Our strategy is to listen and learn, so that through the application of our services, capabilities, and expertise, we will become your trusted technical partner.

ROMA | Eco Sustainable Building Technologies
Since the days of cave paintings, man has painted structures – that’s almost 40,000 years of painting. Think of it … that's tens of millions of gallons of paint produced and applied, and it never hurt people or the planet!
Then, 150 years ago they started using a technology reliant on petroleum to make solvent-based oil paint.  And paint became one of the most polluting industries in the world. Even with the introduction of automobiles, paint is only slightly lower as the second major source of pollution. Every year, enough paint is produced to cover a 4-mile wide strip around the equator.
Enough is enough. ROMA’s mission is to kick some ass and change the way the world makes paints. Better products for you, your family and your world.

Revolution Lighting Technologies 
Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions focusing on the industrial, commercial and government markets in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Through advanced technology and aggressive new product development, Revolution Lighting has created an innovative, multi-brand, lighting company that offers a comprehensive advanced product platform. The company goes to market through its Seesmart brand, which designs, engineers and manufactures an extensive line of high-quality interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures; Lighting Integration Technologies Inc., which sells and installs Seesmart products; Lumificient, which supplies LED illumination for the signage industry; Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of outdoor LED products; and Sentinel, a revolutionary patented and licensed monitoring and smart grid control system for outdoor lighting applications. Revolution Lighting Technologies markets and distributes its product through a network of independent sales representatives and distributors, as well as through energy savings companies and national accounts. 

Service Communications Inc.
Service Communications Inc. provides, installs and supports voice, data, security and cabling systems. SCI’s 20 year expertise offers the single source solution that has successfully integrated the network infrastructure needs for the retail, financial, healthcare, education and government sectors, among others.
We work closely with our clients to define the most efficient infrastructure based on both their immediate needs and projected expansion requirements.  We believe that people and relationships are the key to success.
Our reputation and success lie in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.  Providing excellent customer service and cultivating customer relationships are as important to us as the products and services we provide. We always look forward to developing a new success story with each of our clients and projects.

SumaGrow, Inc.
Listen for the crickets and frogs. What used to be exhausted, silent land now has flourishing plants and animals though the use of a product developed by folks who have also created ice cream, music technology, and energy conservation. The founders of SumaGrow discovered each other in the “hallways” of green business and became inspired by the power of bioremediation. They launched from a shrimp pond project in Guatemala and developed a microbe-based soil enhancer that is liquid and 100% organic. SumaGrow actually decreases nitrates in soil and in run off, and improves the the overall condition of the soil and water while increasing plant growth and production. Independent studies have shown that SumaGrow has healed soils and water sources back to the way nature intended. If you have something that grows using soil and water, SumaGrow will contribute to the beauty of your world.

Urban Green Energy
Urban Green Energy believes that energy is for everyone. Their integrity shows up in their small, distributed, combined sources of affordable energy as a critical components of our clean energy solution. An orientation toward systems and relationships brings UGE to seek sustainable energy sources for our global population in 60 countries and dozens of industries. Their Sustainability Manager and Green Team constantly review processes and resources for optimizing technology and options for their customers. From homeowners who want to get “off the grid” to creating energy to refurbish coral reefs, they practice working together to solve problems and make our lives better.

Water Harvesting Solutions
Once again, old is new.  Practiced for thousands of years across almost all cultures, the process of capturing and reusing rainwater and greywater (from showers and sinks) for non-potable use is fast becoming an important cornerstone for new sustainable practices in the U.S.  As fresh, potable water becomes increasingly scarce in the U.S., the practice of using it to flush toilets and water landscaping seems almost ridiculous. New and ancient methods are now readily available for commercial and institutional buildings.  Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso) brings experience, skill and passion about water conservation to every project.

ZippyDogs, LLC
ZippyDogs leads the pack in digging up MADE IN THE USA  and ECO-FRIENDLY PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS. We offer a huge selection of fun, useful and well-made items, along with a variety of ways to mark your territory—from silk screen and embroidery to pad printing, laser engraving and more. Using our keen marketing sense, we’ll sniff out the right product for your people, program or promotion to help make your brand Top Dog.
ZippyDogs does more than just sell stuff. We are best-of-breed promo experts with 45 years combined experience in delivering people-pleasing, off-the-leash solutions. We can help you identify your target market, dig up great new products, imprint them, assist with special packaging, and consult on logistics. We can guide you every step of the way from initial ideas, through production to delivery. With every fetch, ZippyDogs gets the goods to your destination on time and on budget.